Meditation for Instant Health

Get healthy, right now. No diet, no fitness plan, no nutritionist, no doctor.

I'm completely serious.

The things about health is that the biggest part of it, and the biggest obstacle preventing us from achieving it, is our thoughts.

The wonderful thing about thoughts, though, is that they are completely within our control.

Thought patterns and beliefs can be really hard to change and they love to dig in their heels and pull us back into old, comfortable ways of thinking. But YOU are not your thoughts. You do have the power to create new thought patterns that will invite wellness in. 

No matter your state of health in this moment, this meditation creates the space for your body to become perfectly healthy and whole. By repeating this mantra in the present tense as your truth, your body will respond by moving into that place and creating that truth for you.

If you are unable to watch the video for whatever reason, the meditation is written below.


Find a comfortable seat or lie down if that is most comfortable.

Breathe in and bring your shoulders up towards your ears.

Breathe out and allow your shoulders to fall, feeling your shoulder blades drop down your back and your chest lift.

Breathe easily at whatever pace is comfortable for you without forcing anything.

Take 3 full breaths in and out. Just notice each breath. 

The feeling of the air entering your nostrils, traveling down your throat, filling your lungs. 

The feeling of your your belly tightening as you exhale, your ribs contracting, the air tickling your nostrils as you breathe out.



As you breathe in this next time, repeat silently or out loud:

My body is in its perfect natural state

As your breathe out:

I am healthy. I am whole.

My body is in its perfect natural state

I am healthy. I am whole.

My body is in its perfect natural state

I am healthy. I am whole.

Repeat this mantra as many times as feels right and as often as you need to.

Allow yourself to continuing noticing your breath and experiencing anything that surfaces.

You may feel relaxed. You may feel emotions surface that surprise you like frustration or anger. That's ok. Just notice without judgement and keep breathing while you repeat your mantra silently or out loud.

"The words you speak become the house you live in." - Hafez

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