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The New PACT Lightweight Hoodie - Review and Giveaway

I open my package from PACT and pull out my hoodie, immediately noticing the deliciously soft fabric.

I put it on as fast as I can because I want to wrap myself up in that soft, organic cotton and never take it off. I pull the sleeves down over my hands and stretch my arms out to check the sleeve length.

It's perfect.

I start to walk up the stairs to check the fit in the bathroom mirror, and I notice one of my favorite things ever.

THUMB HOLES. The cuffs have thumb holes!

I literally squeak, quite loudly, and I'm grinning now.

Not long after I started My Whole Healthy, I actively sought to partner with PACT because of how they choose to make their clothes. And I loved wearing them.
Organic cotton.
No sweatshops.
No child labor.

Did you know conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides? And that the World Bank estimates around 20% of industrial water pollution in the world comes from the treatment and dyeing of textiles?! 


PACT does things differently, and they make the cutest, most comfortable, and well fitting basics I've ever worn.

I think you can see that my Whole Healthy encompasses more than just diet and exercise. More than yoga and meditation. My Whole Healthy requires mindfulness about what I put in and on my body, and my impact on the world. It's a big picture perspective on wellness because I know first-hand how seemingly tiny things can affect big things. I am a journalist, a survivor, and a wellness expert. I'm always looking to see how the dots connect. Aligning myself with a company meant that company had to stack up and have a positive impact on the planet and its people, with no concessions

PACT is that kind of company. Their mission is to change the apparel industry for good and you can read more about the company and their standards HERE. Getting to try this new hoodie in the PACT ORGANIC lineup was a joy, but I was looking hard for something to criticize. 

I make it to the mirror in the bathroom and I look at my reflection. I analyze the fit, turn this way and that, put the hood up, zip it, unzip it. It's a size up from my regular size because I'm 6'1" and too-short-sleeves are the story of my life, so I wanted to be sure about the length. And because I like my hoodies roomy, not fitted and tight. Nothing ever fits me perfectly... there had to be something I could point out in my review.

But oh, the fit is beautiful. The perfect body length, cuffs that easily touched my hands, enough room for my strong shoulders without being baggy, and a flattering fit in the body even though I was wearing one size up. The fabric is lighter than traditional fleece hoodies, and it feels like a great layering piece, perfect to throw on when the weather cools down but not too heavy or hot.

The bathroom mirror doesn't let me see as well as I want to, so I duck into my guest bedroom to check the full length mirror and snap a photo. My son toddles in behind me and as I start to frame my shot, my little guy decides it's time to be silly. He puts his head on the floor and does a baby downward dog. Then he cackles with laughter. I can't stop laughing at his antics and every pic I'm taking is blurry.

Finally, I get my shot. So here it is. I'm also wearing a PACT camisole, and the stretch-fit flare pants in charcoal heather. Sooooo comfy, and just as soft as the hoodie but with more stretch and structure to hold the fit.

The hoodie is my new favorite piece of clothing and I wear it all the time. I'm always sad when the house warms up and I have to take it off.

I took it camping, too, and it was the PERFECT layer for the chilly Eastern Sierra mountains. Another feature I loved was the hood... it's roomy and it easily fit over my long, wild hair, keeping my head and ears toasty on the chilly fall mornings.

Check out the photos below that my husband shot for me while we were there.

On this trip, I brought my camisole, and the new PACT organic cotton MEN'S sweat pants (I LOVE them), plus my PACT undies!!! They are the best underwear I've ever had and I couldn't leave home without them, so all together, this made for the the perfect weekend outfit to wear around the campfire and hiking in the John Muir Wilderness up towards Kearsarge Pass.


Organic Cotton Hoodie, Funnel Neck, PACT Apparel, My Whole Healthy,

I took some close-up photos of my hoodie so you could see the details that make this hoodie really special. That bright blue piping is so pretty! And the slight funnel style neck adds something really special. Click the images below to enlarge.

I love this hoodie and this company so much. The holidays are approaching fast, and I'm super excited to share the PACT love with you! If you follow me on Instagram you see me wearing PACT all the time, so without further ado, enter below to win a $100 PACT gift card, just in time for the holidays!

You can enter up until Sunday Nov. 13, 2016 at 11:59 PST. Giveaway open to residents of the U.S.A. only.

The winner will be emailed directly so make sure you use your best email to enter!

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This is a sponsored post and I received compensation in return for posting this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. I do not accept payment of any kind in return for a positive review. This blog post may contain affiliate links.
The Perfect Outfit For Your Health and a GIVEAWAY!
PACT Apparel | Organic Cotton | Fair Trade Clothing | Giveaway | Gift Card |My Whole Healthy

I used to put toxic chemicals on my skin on a daily basis. And you're probably doing the same thing right now. Most clothing is dyed with terrible chemicals and our skin absorbs what we put on it! Did you know that?

Every time I got dressed, I was putting those chemicals on my skin. And that doesn't even account for chemical residues left in GMO cotton or synthetic fabrics. Luckily, there is a company making clothes I can feel great about wearing.

PACT Apparel makes scrumptious organic cotton clothing that is a dream to put on. To be my whole healthy, I firmly believe that what goes on my body and how clothing, products, and food are produced, all matter just as much as what I eat and how I move. 

PACT is a company that not only makes clothing that I feel cute and stylish wearing, they make everything with fairly traded organic cotton, grown on family farms in India and sewn in factories by real people under humane conditions. No sweatshops. Ever. PACT even gives us a peek into how their clothes are made through their website and social media!

I recently got my hands on some new PACT items,  so I want to give you a more detailed review.

And give you the chance to win a $50 PACT gift card!!!

PACT Apparel | Boy Shorts | Review | Giveaway | My Whole Healthy

I'm still nursing my baby and one of my daily go-to tops that I love for this is the PACT shelf-bra camisole. It's not designed for breastfeeding but it works perfectly for pull-down nursing. The organic cotton is buttery soft, the shelf bra gives me support but still allows for easy breastfeeding, the straps are adjustable, and the perfect amount of stretch keeps the camisole's shape intact despite being repeatedly pulled down and grabbed by little baby hands . I also never have to worry when Baby J decides to suck on my shirt because PACT uses only non-toxic dyes!

I actually own 6 of these tops now and I wear them ALL THE TIME, but this latest one I got in black is perfect for layering under other tops when it gets chilly, and black has always been a classic color choice in my wardrobe. I also work out in it! It's really the perfect basic, all-around, wear-everywhere camisole.

PACT Apparel | My Whole Healthy | Organic Cotton | Boyshorts | Limited Edition

I also got to try out a pair of organic cotton boyshorts in the new limited edition squash blossom print. I own a lot of organic PACT undies already, but I always opt for the bikini cut so I was really excited to try the boy short style. They are extremely comfortable and the extra coverage makes them perfect for more active activities because they stay put and don't ride up. They also add a little extra bum coverage when you want to feel less exposed, but they're still cute and sexy. No granny panties here! It's not really in line with My Whole Healthy or my personal values to post revealing photos of me in my underwear on the internet, but there are plenty of photos of how these babies fit on the PACT website and you can trust me when I say the comfort is off the charts! I'll definitely be adding more PACT boy short styles to my underwear drawer. 

PACT Apparel | knee socks | organic cotton | clothing review | giveaway | best socks | organic socks | My Whole Healthy

The last new item I tried out were the organic cotton knee socks in the limited edition print, desert sky railroad stripe. Living in San Diego, I don't get much opportunity to rock knee socks because I basically live in flip flops, but I love the fit and feel of these socks so the next cool day we have, these socks will be perfect! They really stay up, the print is versatile to work with different outfits, and the organic cotton is soft and comfortable. I wore them around my house all day, and maybe took a few more pics of my feet in the air just for fun ;) Nothing like kicking up your heels to brighten your day!

So here's the best part. PACT is giving you the chance to win a $50 gift card to use on! This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. ... AND CANADA! I got you, my fellow Canadians. I made sure you could get in on this, too.

Enter below! The giveaway runs from March 1 - 6, 2016 so make sure you enter THIS WEEK! When the giveaway is over, one winner will be randomly selected and I will announce it on social media. Make sure you are following me! The winner will also be informed directly with the email you provide below.

ADDITIONALLY... (I'm so excited to give you all this stuff I can't help it with the all caps) I have a discount code for you!


DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post written by me, Maggie Yount, in partnership with PACT Apparel. All opinions are mine alone.
This post may contain affiliate links.