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It's HERE! Beautiful Brains, Bellies, and Babies

You've probably noticed a few changes around these parts lately. 

If you've been with me since the beginning of this blog and business, my passion for health, wellness, healing, and recovery is obvious. I've "been through it," overcoming that whole severe traumatic brain injury, coma, broken in at least 18 places thing. I know how it feels to be so physically weak you can't even walk at a normal pace, let alone climb stairs normally. I know what it's like to be in pain all the time, to not trust my thoughts or the words that come out of my mouth because I'm aware of how my brain confuses most things.... and I know what it takes to heal and overcome all of that.

When I launched My Whole Healthy in 2014, I was pregnant with my son. This blog, website, and business was borne out of my desire to help people heal, get healthy, and share my story in the hope that it might inspire someone who needed to hear it. At the same time, I also became a certified personal trainer, and dove headfirst into honing my skills to gain more knowledge and expertise in nutrition and wellness. 

Now, I am a pre and post-natal corrective exercise specialist, and I am SO excited to finally be launching my coaching services in an online format, as well as in person! I know good help is hard to find, ESPECIALLY when it comes to finding a personal trainer you click with, so it brings me so much joy to offer my coaching to the incredible souls I meet here in San Diego, and around the world. My Whole Healthy lives online, and I have connected with so many bright spirits in the online world. My husband being one, as well as many dear friends.

I know that very real connections can be made online, and I know that I can be of service there, too. With the quality of online video conferencing now, it's like we are sitting across the table from each other, and I am fully able to coach you on correct form and function by giving you easy-to-understand cues and tips.

CLICK HERE to visit my appointment scheduling page, and please feel free to share as much on social, and in person, as you like! I can't wait to help you reach your goals.



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Valentine's Day Recipe - Chocolate Love Bites

Cooking has never really been my "thing" but lately I've been having a blast creating healthy, delicious, EASY, recipes to share with you! While you won't catch me slaving over a hot stove all day, it's so much fun to whip up delicious food, FAST, and share it with you.

I won't slack on using quality, nutrient dense ingredients though, even when it came to making a sweet, chocolate Valentine's Day treat!

Instead of buying chocolates for yourself or your sweetie this year, make these Love Bites instead.
They're rich, delicious, sweet, and satisfying, AND TOTALLY HEALTHY! So treat yourself, love your body, and (if you're pregnant or breastfeeding) love your baby, too, by giving them nutrients they need through you, instead of sugar they don't.




Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and completely combined.

Line a 8x8 brownie pan with parchment paper.

Spread brownie batter evenly into lined pan with a rubber spatula

Place pan in the fridge for an hour to set.

Cut brownies with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

If you want to give these Love Bites as a gift for Valentine's Day, keep them chilled or they will melt.

*** Store covered in the fridge or freezer ***

The ingredients matter!
If you want to make sure your chocolate treats are truly healthy and taste good, that is.
I have linked the exact brands I used above.
If you can't use these brands, use what's available to you but seek out the highest quality and cleanest sources you can!

Love your body, love yourself, love your baby. 



"Instant" Bone Broth

I made real, honest to goodness bone broth for the very first time!

I've had incredible bone broth from Pasture Bird but I had never made it myself. I was too intimidated, and I felt like it would be a big hassle that I didn't have time for as a new mom. I had visions of a messy kitchen and a fussy toddler, so I just didn't even seriously consider making it myself... until now.

Since I got my amazing Instant Pot (click for Amazon listing) , I feel so much more confident cooking delicious meals with some of my tougher cuts of meat (when you buy a full 1/4 beef once a year like we do, you get cuts you aren't too sure how to cook). 

I was able to throw everything for a great bone broth into the pot, turn it on, go for a walk with my son, and come back to fully cooked, nutrient dense and delicious broth ready to be strained and stored in jars.

Did you know bone broth is full of collagen, minerals like calcium and magnesium, can help reduce inflammation and joint pain, helps you grow gorgeous, strong hair, nails and skin, can help you look and feel younger, and can help boost your immune system?! It's so easy to make is it will save me a boatload of money compared to buying it pre-made.

There was no complicated prep, no standing over the stove, no entire days in the slow cooker. All I had to do was push buttons and leave it alone.  SO EASY! If you don't own an Instant Pot yet, it's one of the few appliances I can wholeheartedly recommend to help make your life easier, and more nutritious.

Easy Whole Healthy Bone Broth:
• Bones of 2 chicken carcasses (3-5 lb chickens)
• 2 leeks
• 2 large carrots
• 2 medium/large stalks of celery
• 2 bay leaves
• 2 tsp sea salt
• 2 tsp black peppercorns
• 1-2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
• fresh herbs as desired (optional)
• fresh, filtered water

Put the chicken bones into the stainless steel pot. Add chopped carrots, celery, leeks (see how to chop leeks here), and remaining ingredients.

Fill the pot with water to about 2/3 full. Close the lid.

Using the manual setting, set time for 120 minutes on high pressure.

When the Instant Pot time is finished, wait for it to fully depressurize before trying to open the lid. This may take close to an hour. Just wait, it will be worth it.



When the pot is cool enough to handle, strain the broth into a big glass or stainless steel bowl, straining out all the chicken bones and other chunky ingredients. Throw this stuff away.
When the broth is cool enough, pour from the bowl into clean glass mason jars and freeze or refrigerate for later use.

Voila! You just made your own bone broth! *Does a happy dance for you*

When you make this, make sure you come back and tell me how it went! I can't wait to celebrate with you. 

XO Maggie

This post contains affiliate links which means I make money on purchases made via these links, which helps support this blog. I never recommend anything I don't use and love myself. All opinions are my own.
Superfood Antioxidant Berry Chocolate Paleo-ish No-Bake Brownies

These brownies have so many virtues, I couldn't leave them out of the name, but if you have a clever idea, leave it for me in the comments!

brownies, superfoods, antioxidants, paleo, healthy, berry, chocolate

I went on a mission to make a GREAT brownie that was actually HEALTHY, that tasted amazing, and would make people feel good!

I have a serious love for brownies but I don't love how the usual junk ingredients and sugar make me feel. I could also never bring myself to share a recipe with you that could harm your health or set you back in your journey to whole health.

I wanted brownies that satisfied me, and didn't tempt me to eat the whole pan in one sitting (I know you know what I'm talking about!).

And... drum roll please... I DID IT! Here's what you need:

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and completely combined.

Line a 8x8 brownie pan with parchment paper.
(Use a slightly smaller pan for thicker brownies)

Spread brownie batter evenly into lined pan with a rubber spatula

Place pan in the freezer for an hour to set.

*** Store covered in the fridge ***

To ensure you get the healthiest, best tasting brownies, the ingredients matter! I have linked the exact brands I used above. If you can't use these brands, use what's available to you but seek out the highest quality and cleanest sources you can.

These brownies are dense, fudgey, and decadent. They will totally satisfy your chocolate cravings, without causing a sugar hangover, and they are PACKED with antioxidants from the cacao, cocoa, and the raw organic grasses and reishi, maitake, and shitake mushrooms in the greens blend (that also add iron and B vitamins).

The greens blend has a subtle berry flavor that comes through in these brownies and reminds me of chocolate lava cake with raspberries! It also made me think of chocolate and cherries, so you'll just have to make it and decide for yourself. Either way, it's delicious.

The dates also add natural sugars, fiber, potassium, copper and a variety of other vitamins and minerals, and the coconut oil adds healthy fat that is rich in medium chain triglycerides, may help prevent atherosclerosis, and has antiviral and antibacterial properties, among other benefits.

After you make these brownies, be sure to come back here and comment to let me know how much you loved them!

This post contains affiliate links which means I make money on purchases made via these links, which helps support this blog. I never recommend anything I don't use and love myself. All opinions are my own.
Holiday Pumpkin Spice Scones, Gluten Free

When fall arrives and it gets colder outside, it triggers something in me that wants the coziness of scarves, boots, mittens, a fireplace, and the warm scent of cinnamon and cloves. And I get extremely excited for all things pumpkin.

pumpkin scones, gluten free, healthy dessert, breakfast

Roasted pumpkin seeds at Halloween, pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, and now... pumpkin scones at Christmas!

These little treats have the perfect blend of pumpkin spices, no refined sugar, and are completely gluten free.

I LOVE Christmas cookies but I don't love how all that sugar zaps my energy, or how it makes my body feel inflamed, gain weight, and make my skin break out.

These scones totally satisfy my sweet tooth and when you makes them, you can feel good because they're actually good for you! They even have a little protein and fiber so you'll feel satisfied and won't want to scarf down the whole batch in one sitting.

Bake, and enjoy!!


350º F --- 20 minutes --- Makes 9 mini scones

gluten free refined sugar free pumpkin scones organic vegan protein healthy holiday Christmas dessert breakfast treat

1 cup gluten free all purpose flour
*** My flour blend: 200 g Arrowhead Mills organic millet flour, 150 g Authentic Foods sweet rice flour, 150g Anthony's organic potato starch ***

1 scoop your favorite sugar free, vanilla, plant protein powder
*** see and purchase what I use by clicking here ***

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/8 tsp each ginger, cardamom

pinch of ground cloves

2/3 cup canned organic pumpkin

1 TBSP melted coconut oil

1 egg

2 TBSP maple syrup


Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl with a fork until even distributed.

Mix wet ingredients together in a separate bowl until evenly combined.

Add wet ingredients to dry and mix gently with a rubber spatula until fully incorporated.
Drop golf ball or large tablespoon sized spoonfuls of scone "dough" onto a baking sheet.
Shape with wet fingers into triangle or desired shapes.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes until scones are slightly springy to the touch and brown on the bottom.
Allow to cool completely before eating.

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