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Whole Healthy Mama is personalized wellness coaching for ANY stage of motherhood.

Maggie offers SAFE, mindful, pre/postnatal corrective exercise and nutrition coaching to strengthen your body, optimize your health, correct imbalances, and empower you for pregnancy, birth, and LIFE.


Maggie after the unmedicated hospital birth of her first son.

Maggie after the unmedicated hospital birth of her first son.

•Do you want to feel amazing throughout your pregnancy and carry your baby with more ease?
•Do you want to maximize the oxygen being brought to your baby?
•Are you on bedrest and wondering how you can still prepare for birth and stay healthy?
•Do you want to learn tools to minimize excessive abdominal separation during pregnancy?
•Do you want to learn how to reconnect to your core and start the healing process immediately after giving birth?
•Do you want to feel prepared and confident about your labor and birth?
•Do you want to get pregnant with ease?
•Are you leaking pee?
•Are you feeling really uncomfortable or experiencing pain in your pelvis as your pregnancy progresses?
•Do you want to avoid common pregnancy discomforts?
•Do you want to easily maintain a healthy weight while pregnant?
•Are you unsure about which exercises are safe to do while pregnant but you still want to work out?
•Are you looking for the best way to prepare for your birth marathon?



•Do you want to feel in control of your body again?
•Do you want to feel strong, healthy, and happy like Supermom as your care for your children?
*Do you want more energy to tackle all the things motherhood throws at you?
•Do you want a SAFE postpartum fitness plan that will help you heal your core and pelvic floor?
•Are you experiencing symptoms postpartum that you wish would disappear? Like painful sex? A heaviness in your vagina? Prolapse? A baby belly that won’t go away?
•Are you at a loss about how to heal your core postpartum?
•Are you leaking a little pee when you laugh/sneeze/cough?


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Maggie Yount is a pre and postnatal wellness specialist, a certified personal trainer, a certified pre and post natal corrective exercise specialist, and a mom of two active boys. She healed her own diastasis recti after pregnancy, and healed herself fully after suffering multiple severe injuries in a near-fatal car accident. 

Maggie also holds a bachelor's degree in print journalism, and has over 11 years of experience in mind-body wellness, healing, nutrition, and exercise.

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I respect your privacy. No personal or medical information will be shared with anyone, unless required by law.

I am not a doctor. If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have a medical condition requiring treatment, please see your doctor.