Hey mama!
I'm Maggie.
I'm a busy mom like you, going non-stop every day. But I have a secret to share with you.

I easily keep my energy levels up for our active lives, I rarely get sick for long, I had healthy full-term pregnancies that were both conceived easily, and I cleared my brain fog, healed my gut, and easily manage a healthy weight...   

This nutrition line makes all the difference in helping me maintain my optimal level of wellness!


In the hospital when I was moved out of the ICU. I was 23 years old.

In the hospital when I was moved out of the ICU. I was 23 years old.

Me 10 years later, 6.5 months pregnant with my second child.

This is the nutrition line I use every single day, and I'm sharing it with you because you deserve to feel energized and vibrant, without spending a lot of money or following some complicated "system" or "cleanse".
Nutrition should be simple. These products give me that.
Scroll down to the bottom to see comments I've received about these products from my real-life customers.

Feedback I've received about the products from my customers:

• “Hey Maggie, I stopped ordering [Life’s Abundance] because it was a pain to have to go across the border [from Canada] to pick them up and figured I could get something cheaper, but of equal quality, here.
Turns out, the price is about the same.
And, I haven’t found a probiotic that really worked for me.
And, now that I am taking them regularly again, I feel so much healthier. 

For the last several months, I’ve battled daily vertigo. No known cause yet. That also causes headaches, nausea and fatigue. 
Since starting the Life’s Abundance supplements again, I am feeling much more like myself. Fatigue is minimal (usually more related to work schedule now), and vertigo is improving. 

I might even attempt to wean myself off of the only (and unproven) anti-vertigo med.”
- Sarah Saarela - Probiotics, Minerals & Antioxidants, Multivitamin
• "FYI - Greens is crazy good. Even though I'm cutting calories, my strength is continuing to go up while meet prepping. I do a scoop of greens and minerals and sip throughout my workout, and theoretically even though I shouldn't have enough calories to hit heavier weights, I keep setting PRs."
- Zorahgail Balino - Greens Blend, and Minerals and Antioxidants

• "I love it! I'll never use anything else" - Rachel Guthrie  - Plant Protein, Vanilla

• "What's in the the berry one that makes it so magical? It made me feel so clear and have lots of energy for my run."
- Sally Hope - Minerals and Antioxidants

• "I took the probiotics and they worked awesome and instantly! I was amazed by it."
- Valerie Bowman - Probiotics

• "I've been LOVING my greens... I can honestly say, since receiving the greens I'm in love with them. Feeling pretty great and noticing clearer skin."
"I LOVE them. I've been having them every morning first off. I'm amazed at the taste and how I feel full for hours. Love love love. "
- Megan Millett - Greens Blend

• "I love the protein - the taste is what I've been searching for!" 
- Vera Armstrong - Plant Protein, Vanilla

I didn't always feel this good. 
When I was 23, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver.
I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma, and I broke 14 bones.
I was in the hospital for months.

I eventually made a full recovery, but the right, high quality nutrition is what truly saved me.
And I've learned that almost all of us need it, too.
Yes, even you.

Most of us cannot get all of the nutrients we need from food alone. Food is less nutritious than it was even decades ago. Add in an injury, or motherhood, and our nutritional needs skyrocket! I searched long and hard to find the supplements that were high quality, actually worked, and my body liked taking. I knew high quality nutrition mattered as my body healed, but it wasn't until I found the right supplements that I finally felt like MYSELF again.

That's why I'm thrilled to share with you the nutrition line that's taken my health and energy to the next level. 

Does any of this resonate with you?:

• You want more energy.
• You want to think more clearly and concentrate better.
You're craving easy nutrition support that's effective, doesn't contain artificial junk, and actually tastes good!
• You want to live without pain.
• You want to stop getting sick all the time.
• You want to eat out without having tummy trouble that sends you running to the restroom.
• You want to manage a healthy weight more easily.
• You want an easy way to improve your eating habits.
• You want to feel better, um, yesterday!
• You want high quality supplements that ACTUALLY help you feel better and live healthier, today.

Yeah. I hear you. I've BEEN THERE. But not anymore!
Click here to learn more and order the nutrition support I use every day.

I totally went through my days feeling just "okay," for most of my life! I accepted this reality for far too long. Until I experienced what WAS possible.

For me, ingredients  and supplement quality matter. And it has to be affordable!


What if you could earn money while sharing what you love, get healthier, help others, and work with a brand that's on a mission to improve the health and wellness of families? You can.

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Hear about this nutrition line from the women who helped create it!

Our soils are depleted and fruits and vegetables are less nutritious today. Add to that our diets of processed, packaged food, and we're missing much of the key nutrients we need. Even in the 1930s, the US department of Agriculture found that most Americans were nutritionally deficient! Nutritional supplements can fill in the gaps, but not all supplements are created equal. And as a mom, our nutritional needs are even higher. 

High quality nutrition helped my brain and my body to fully heal. Foods with artificial additives and preservatives made me feel like garbage, so I started reading every single label to avoid them. Clever marketing or health claims on a label does not mean that what's inside is healthy! Label reading is a necessary habit as a mom now, to protect myself and my family, but this nutrition line is a welcome reprieve from that vigilance and an amazing support for me that I can rely on.

Pregnant and nursing mamas have pretty unique nutritional requirements, and little energy or time to wade through misleading labels and marketing. We need almost double the amount of protein compared to when we're not pregnant or nursing. A developing baby needs significant amounts of the omega-3 essential fatty acid DHA for proper brain development, and babies in and out of the womb need healthy gut flora to develop a healthy immune system! And that's just to start. 
What if there were nutritional supplements that could help fill in the gaps in your diet (that we all have!) and you knew you could fully trust them? What if you could have total confidence in what you were feeding your body?

This nutrition line gives me that.

When I began to heal from my accident, I learned that the right nutrition was essential if I wanted to get 100% better. My neurosurgeon had actually looked me in the eye and told me that I could never expect a full recovery! 
I was determined to prove him wrong, so in the early months after I was injured, I started taking better care of myself and I slowly transformed my diet.

Soon, I began to truly heal and slowly, I actually did get 100% better. 

One day, a wellness professional I know well and deeply respect told me about this new nutrition line that was a game changer. On the first day I tried them, I noticed how GOOD everything tasted (even the fish oil!) and how I had increased energy right away.

All with real, natural, soy free, gluten free, non-GMO ingredients that contained no added sugar.

It's now the ONLY nutrition line I recommend to my clients, family, and friends.

Greens that leave me feeling supercharged and actually taste amazing! You and your family will love these products.   And, you get a   money-back guarantee  .

Greens that leave me feeling supercharged and actually taste amazing!
You and your family will love these products.

And, you get a money-back guarantee.

In my search for healing, I tried a lot of different things, different brands, different therapies, different healing modalities. But nutrition was the biggest piece of my healing puzzle. I learned a lot the hard way, and so it's a topic that's extremely important to me.

It wasn't until getting to know all of the details about this nutrition line that I felt good about fully endorsing and partnering with an entire line of supplements. Every product was subjected to intense research (I have a journalism degree) and I looked for even the smallest red flag. But everything passed with flying colors.

This nutrition line from Life's Abundance is in full alignment with my Whole Healthy Mama wellness standards. They make me feel so supported through mom-life, trainer-life, pregnancy and the ongoing breastfeeding journey I have with my babies.

I know firsthand the healing power of high quality nutrition, and it means so much to me that I get to share it with you.

Seeing the care that was taken to create these products (I got a behind the scenes peek before this line was launched!) and the attention given to source the highest quality ingredients was impressive.

I have high standards for what I'll put in my body, let alone share with those I love. But once I tried these products for myself, I fell in love. I've been using and loving this nutrition line for over two years and I've never looked back. I even save money (woohoo!)

After I was injured, the right micronutrients were essential for my healing. I took omega-3 fish oil, multi-strain probiotics, and discovered I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR that meant I needed to take methylated B vitamins including methylfolate instead of folic acid!  I needed more greens, high quality protein, and just better food all around. NO MORE JUNK. Making these changes helped me strengthen my gut and immune system, eliminate pain, and rebuild my brain so I could live with almost no sign of ever having a TBI.

The right nutritional supplements were essential to the success of my healing. Nutrition literally saved my life. I know that if I hadn't changed my diet and started using the right supplements, my body would not have had the resources it needed to heal. But that doesn't mean I like to choke down supplements I hate just because they're "good for me"! Thank god this nutrition line tastes so good so I never have to do that.



Now, fully recovered, I feel better than I did before I was injured. 

I have the most energy I've ever had, I rarely get sick, my mind is clear and I feel inspired, strong, and happy.

As a new mom (with no family nearby to help out), I have never felt the awful fatigue I was told to expect when my son was a newborn and I was getting very little sleep. Now that I'm pregnant with our second child, this nutrition line never fails to pick me up when my energy dips or when I need to step up because mom life is 24/7. The ingredients meet my high standards for what  I'll put in my body and their high quality shines through in my skin, my energy, my stamina, and my mood. I feel AMAZING. 


Grace (LEFT) IS a rescue from Montreal, Canada. She is 14 years old. Winnie (right) is a rescue from Chino Hills, CA. She is 12. Both are mutts of unknown breeds and we love them dearly!

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On a mission to improve the health and wellness of families, Life's Abundance knows family includes our fur babies too.
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