Personal Wellness Coaching

Pregnancy and birth can be a time when you feel total CONFIDENCE and JOY. When you are at your MOST POWERFUL. 

Whole Healthy Mama with Maggie Yount is here to help you create the experience you want from trying to conceive, through pregnancy and into your postpartum journey. Do you struggle with pelvic pain during pregnancy? Are you unsure about which exercises are safe to do while pregnant? Do you experience symptoms postpartum that interfere with your daily life? Are you looking for the best way to prepare for your birth marathon? Are you at a loss about how to heal postpartum?


I provide education to help women feel empowered through getting pregnant, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
I offer holistic Corrective Exercise for a pain-free pregnancy and postpartum experience, tools for healing and recovery after birth, nutrition and lifestyle changes to access more energy and better emotional stability, and can guide you to achieving a more functional, stronger core and pelvic floor for an easier birth, and a better recovery (that doesn’t include peeing when you sneeze because while common, this is NOT normal).

Working with me is as simple as welcoming me into your home or chosen space, or clicking a link in your email to connect for your wellness coaching session, from the convenience of your home or office. I provide clear cueing to help you connect with your body whether we are in the same room physically, or virtually over the computer.

Learn more about my packages below:


Book a single appointment!
Get one hour with me, devoted to YOU, to guide you pre/postnatal wellness, fitness, corrective exercise, nutrition, or a combination of these things. Pregnancy and motherhood offers a unique set of challenges but I’m right there with you. I'm a mom of two! I can help you reach your goals.
Start today.

The 4

This 4 session package is ideal when you want a strong foundation to work from, or to add extra time to a package already purchased.
You'll get 4, 1-hour coaching sessions with me on a schedule that works for you.
If you struggle to stay focused or motivated, despite getting a solid framework to get you started, please consider a longer term package to get ongoing long-term support.


The 20

A healthier, stronger body doesn't appear overnight.
Consistency creates results!
Get 20 sessions of one-on-one coaching to help you reach your goals.

During the 20 sessions, we dive deeper into helping you meet your unique needs and goals for yourself, your fertility, pregnancy, birth, and/or your postpartum recovery.

You will feel more supported knowing that each week we will build on the week before.

Package is redeemable for (20) 1-hour appointments.


The 40

Be supported from bump to birth, and beyond.
Package is redeemable for 40 1-hour appointments, recommended to be scheduled weekly but it’s up to you!

Nurture a happier, healthier pregnancy, baby, and postpartum period by creating a strong framework for your and your baby's health.

This package can help you:
Have a happy, healthy, more comfortable pregnancy.
Prepare for labor.
Prepare for birth.
Feel less pain when you labor and give birth, 
Help you heal and recover from birth faster so you are able to care for your baby more easily.
Feel supported throughout your pregnancy and into postpartum with consistent evidence-based education and coaching.
Step into mothering your new baby the way YOU want to feel!


To book your appointment or get more information:


I respect your privacy. No personal or medical information will be shared with anyone, unless required by law.

I am not a doctor. If you have an emergency, call 911. If you have a medical condition requiring treatment, please see your doctor.